J+J Flooring Group invests in SAGE

SAGE is pleased to announce a generous sponsorship that is sure to help propel the SAGE mission—and specifically, the post-occupancy evaluation initiative—to new heights.

After seeing the SAGE POE presentation at the 2016 Environments for Aging Conference in Austin, Texas, J+J Flooring Group approached SAGE about sponsoring an effort to further the reach of this valuable tool. 

“We believe that the wide-scale adoption of post-occupancy evaluation studies is critical to providing evidence about the value of design in achieving desired outcomes,” says Ross Leonard, J+J’s vice president of marketing. “This is important for the profession and it’s important to the clients we are serving. Good design is a necessity, not a luxury.  The field is so dynamic and changing, and given the demographic, public policy and economic challenges the industry is facing, we really need to understand what’s working the best.”

“Learning from our environments and listening to the users of these settings is critical to advancing design,” says Migette Kaup, SAGE POE Research Initiative committee chair. “With this invaluable support from J+J we will be able bring POE findings to more professionals who can continue to make a positive impacts on quality of life and well-being for seniors.”

Upon learning more about SAGE’s mission and the great minds that make up the organization, J+J also offered to sponsor a SAGE Board of Directors retreat, scheduled for May 2017. “SAGE is at the forefront of leading the exploration, evaluation, promotion and implementation of innovative strategies and practices, that ultimately, has such a meaningful impact on the quality of life for seniors and we are proud to support this mission,” says Ross.

“Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) has been a core initiative for SAGE since its inception,” says Mitch Elliott, SAGE president. “The SAGE POE process measures outcomes through the lens of the SAGE Vision and Design Principles.  We are encouraged that J+J Flooring recognized the value of this process and expressed their interest in raising the SAGE POE to a research-level commitment.  This financial investment by J+J Flooring will allow SAGE, as well as the senior-living industry, to realize a sustainable return on investment in terms of quality environments for years to come.”

In addition to their SAGE sponsorship, J+J is underwriting The Impact of Aging Toolkit -- a project by the Center for Health Design.  The toolkit is a collection of web-based resources curated by the CHD and provided free of charge. “We want design professionals and owner/operators to have the best information and solutions available to serve the growing senior population,” says Ross.

“Ultimately, we at J+J Flooring Group consider ourselves to more than a manufacturer,” says Ross. “We want to be an ally to the profession that is actively engaged in bringing solutions to the forefront. We want the design profession to prosper because we really do understand the power of design in transforming lives.” 

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