A new twist on the SAGE POE

By Amy Carpenter, SAGE POE Chair

Since 1999, SAGE has conducted post-occupancy evaluations (POE) from coast to coast. The POE team spends a day looking at the host building or community setting from a multidisciplinary point of view. The one-day evaluation involves looking at the setting through the lens of SAGE principles, and includes interviews with all levels of staff, residents, and family members to get to the heart of what is working and what needs improvement to help older adults be in the community longer and feel more comfortable.

Then…we get to work to pull together a presentation of our findings to present at the Environments for Aging Conference.

For the first time, instead of looking at a senior-care setting or building, the SAGE POE team is going to evaluate the city of Las Vegas to determine how friendly it is for residents and visitors. Of particular interest will be the city’s accessibility, way finding, noise, signs, transportation, all the components of safety and security, and how easy is it for an older adult to navigate around. We are excited to “shake things up” and take a different approach with this year’s POE.

EFA attendees can participate in a walking tour of Las Vegas to see some of the areas that the SAGE team studies, and then attend the POE results session. Attendance on the tour is limited to 50 people—you can learn more HERE. (And by the way, the tour wraps up at 5 pm on Sunday, February 26—just in time for you to join us at the SAGE member reception at 6 pm!) POE findings will be presented on Monday, February 27 at 11:15 am.

The SAGE POE team includes myself, Migette Kaup, Maggie Calkins, Skip Gregory, Christine Soma, Amy Wagenfeld, Jack Carman, and Nancy Carman.  

See you in Vegas!

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