Environments for Aging Expo and Conference

  • Saturday, April 09, 2016
  • Tuesday, April 12, 2016
  • Austin, TX

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The Environments for Aging Expo & Conference provides educational opportunities and strategies in creating functional, attractive living environments that meet the needs of our aging population. During this unique expo & conference you’ll be among like-minded individuals with common goals and will gain valuable information benefiting you and your entire organization.

You’ll gain up to date information on current industry trends – what’s been implemented successfully, what roadblocks exist – And you can stay one step ahead of your competition! 

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Don't miss these presentations by SAGE members!

  • 1.       E03: Environments for Aging’s Remodel / Renovation Competition: A Review of 2015 (Andrew Alden)
  • 2.       E16: A Review of the Winners form the 2015 EFA Design Showcase (Russ McLaughlin)
  • 3.       E24: Buckner Villas: A SAGE POE Evaluation (Amy Carpenter, Alec Sithong)
  • 4.       E01: The Business Case for Privacy (Maggie Calkins)
  • 5.       E06: Money, Innovation, and Differentiation (CC Andrews)
  • 6.       E07: Successfully Expanding the Facility While Accommodating Care (David Henry)
  • 7.       E09: Households: A Discussion of History, Design Process, Operations, and Architecture (Andrew Alden, Jeff Anderzhon, Lori Hiatt)
  • 8.       E12: Planning, Design, and Evaluating Outdoor Spaces to Optimize Usage (Susan Rodiek)
  • 9.       E15: Designing for the Next Generation of Seniors: Evolving Architecture, Interior Design, and Technology (Lori Alford)
  • 10.   D02: The Good, the Ugly, The Annoying and the Absent:…(Lori Hiatt, Jeff Bogart)
  • 11.   E21: The Kansas Masonic Home Journey: A Case Study in Prson Centered Planning & Implementation (Tracy Anderson, Migette Kaup)
  • 12.   E27: From Design Concept to Built Reality: A Case Study of Rose Villa (Robert Boileau, Lisa Warnock)
  • 13.   D03: Innovation in the Face of Change (CC Andrews)
  • 14.   E38: International Senior Care Environments:…(Jeff Anderzhon)
  • 15.   E40: Is Separate Equal? A Look Back and Into the Future of Dementia Care (Migette Kaup)
  • 16.   E47: Inter-professional Collaboration: The Role of Occupational Therapy in Senior Living Design (Amy Wagenfeld)
  • 17.   E48: Code Revisions with New Small House Nursing Design Standards: Florida & Texas Respond (Skip Gregory, Fred Worley)

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