SAGE Webinar Recordings--Available to SAGE members

The following SAGE webinars were recorded and are available on the MEMBERS ONLY page. New members have immediate access to these recordings. 

Click on the corresponding link for information on each webinar. 

The Impact of Aging on the Built Environment

Households Version 2.0: A Discussion of Operations and Architecture 

Designing with Longevity in Mind

The Power of the Post-Occupancy Evaluation: Advancing Person-Centered Environments 

Skilled Care Community Post-Occupancy Review: Applying Lessons Learned to Future Construction 

Biologically Focused Lighting for Health and Wellness

The Perceived Value of Nature and Design of Gardens that Promote Use

Environments for Aging’s Remodel/Renovation Competition: A Review of 2016

Initiating Memory Care: The Three Most Important Questions to Be Answered

The Household Model--One Size Doesn't Fit All 

Households: A Discussion of History, Design Process, Operations, and Architecture 

Intelligent Design for Code-compliant Bathing Facilities 

Innovation in the Face of Change


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