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Monday, April 17, 2017 1:41 PM | Mitchell Elliott (Administrator)

Our world seems to revolve around paying for a voice. Social media is full of advertising by those wanting to influence our choices and decisions. The data mining behind the scenes in social media is mind boggling as companies and people try to figure out what we want--what interests us. People pay considerable sums of money for that information. 

Many donate significant dollars throughout the political process for a voice--an opportunity to influence and a chance to be heard. I think Washington refers to this as "pay to play".  The days of supporting a cause without an expectation of being heard seem in the distant past...except at SAGE. 

A you may know, we have a number of companies who sponsor, donate, and support our efforts at SAGE. The sponsoring organizations only ask that we recognize their support. There are no lobbying expectations. No strong arming of decisions. These companies and individuals don't take a "what's in it for me" attitude in contributing to the mission of SAGE. 

Last year, J+J Flooring approached me with an idea. Part of their corporate mission is to invest in the senior-living world. After sitting in on a SAGE POE presentation at EFA, they were convinced that we were worthy of investment.  

We are working with J+J Flooring to develop a research initiative tied to the SAGE POE process. I am excited to see what will come from this collaborative effort this year. They are also sponsoring a strategic planning retreat for the SAGE board this coming May. J+J Flooring views the leadership of SAGE, as well as its members, as some of the most influential thought leaders in senior living. That is quite a statement that we feel the burden and responsibility to live out. 

Does J+J Flooring, or any of our other sponsors want to sell more carpet, or showers, or construction services or furniture? Of course. More importantly, do our sponsors want to see innovative improvements in environments for seniors that impact quality of care and quality of life? Absolutely. 

Please refer to the sponsor page on the SAGE website and thank those companies who sponsor us. Through their support of our cause, we will all have a more influential voice that will impact senior living for years to come. 

Learn more about J+J Flooring's SAGE sponsorship HERE

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