Wednesday, November 09, 2016 2:46 PM | Mitchell Elliott (Administrator)

Momentum is vital in sports, physics and in organizational progress.  A football team can be unstoppable when they “have the momentum”.  In physics it takes far more force to stop a truck gaining momentum on a downhill path as compared to the force required to get the truck started.  Momentum in an organization is challenging to establish, but has a significant impact on its culture, passion and effectiveness in its mission once things begin to roll.  

Unlike my physics example of “rolling downhill”, I truly believe SAGE is experiencing an organizational momentum in upward movement!  As of today (November 7th), we have experienced a membership growth rate of 120% for this year…and we have virtually two months left in the year.  This is exciting and amazing and I want to give due credit to Lori Bridgeman, our administrative assistant, for leading in this upward growth.  The reality is, this growth is beyond the efforts of one person.  Many, many members invited guests to our recent reception in Indianapolis.  Christine Soma and her SAGEducation team have added significant value to our membership through the monthly webinars that we have in place.  Bill Pemberton and his Brand Team created our “Great Minds” initiative that has brought a fresh voice to our communications.  We have solution providers and industry specialists who believe in our mission and want to be a part of this momentum through their sponsorships and financial support. 
With momentum comes additional responsibility in leading this effort.  As we lead in the SAGE effort, we have to stay alert of the “enemies of momentum”.  Similar to my sports analogy, momentum can be destroyed by pride, overconfidence and arrogance.  About the time one starts to count their winnings in the middle of the game, stuff happens.  We must understand where we have been, but more importantly, where we are going.  I like to describe this as keeping our eye on the prize.  Keep our mission, vision and values in focus at all times.  
Another enemy of momentum is a resistant mindset…resistant to change, resistant to new ideas, resistant to innovation and collaboration.  I am not saying we have a resistant mindset, but we must always be wary and alert to the possibilities.  Our first look should be in the mirror of self evaluation rather than through the window of blame…to borrow an analogy from Jim Collins in Good to Great.  My hope is that SAGE will be the kind of organization that embraces and celebrates change.  We must lead the way in doing things differently…for our organization and for our represented professions.  
The reality is, momentum extends beyond SAGE.  We hope that all of the organizations in which we serve experience uplifting momentum.  The kind of momentum that motivates us to take chances and to excel in all we do for those we serve.  
Let’s keep this momentum going as we drive the mission of SAGE forward in some amazing ways!

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