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Sunday, July 31, 2016 8:42 PM | Mitchell Elliott (Administrator)

The SAGE Education Committee--or SAGEducation, as I like to call this innovative team--has been working to develop content for upcoming webinars and programs.  Christine Soma leads this passionate group as they focus on adding member value to SAGE. 

I am excited to announce that through the efforts of Christine, the SAGEducation Team, and Lori Bridgeman, SAGE has become an Approved Provider for the AIA CES (American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System).  According to the SAGE By-laws, education is one of the primary purposes of the organization.  This “accreditation” will be a significant step in raising member value in SAGE.  This renewed education initiative will also help us promote the SAGE Philosophy and Design Principles in some tangible ways. 

How will this work?  The SAGEducation Team, along with the board, is finalizing the details.  Conceptually, I can share that all educational programs that will be eligible for AIA/CES credits will be free to SAGE members.  We will make the educational programs available to non-members for a fee.  We believe this could be a great recruiting tool as well as a way to raise some “non-dues” revenue for the organization.   The SAGEducation Team will be building a webinar archive on the “members-only” section of the website to serve as an educational reference for our members.  The details on AIA credits for archived webinars have not been worked out at this point. 

Now…I am reading your thought bubble.  “This is more of an announcement and not an opinionated blog.”  Well, you spoke too soon.  I always have an opinion.  The SAGEducation Initiative will be reliant on the development of quality content.  Initially, the team is capitalizing on webinars built from previous EFA conference presentations.  I know that we have many members who have developed, or are developing, educational materials for their own clients and purposes.  One of the major benefits of SAGE is the sharing of knowledge, experience and information among its members.  The more that we can escape our “proprietary tendencies” and share what we know, the more improvements we will experience in the design of senior environments.  Collectively, we can raise the water mark of quality in what we do and how we do it. 

SAGEducation is for real.  I am excited to see where this initiative can go as we collaborate toward quality!

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