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SAGE founding member is the new executive director of The Mayer-Rothschild Foundation

Many SAGE members recognize Maggie Calkins as a founding SAGE member, past president, vice president, treasurer, board member, and key influencer in the senior-living realm. This month she further expands her contributions to advancements in senior living in her new role as executive director of The Mayer-Rothschild Foundation.

 “Maggie has been a dear friend for many years”, says Mitch Elliott, President of SAGE.  “Her passion for excellence and her boundless energy will be key attributes that will fuel her success in this new role.  I am also thrilled with the name change of the foundation, which honors Rob’s legacy.  From the SAGE perspective, our very own Maggie Calkins is called ‘for such as time as this’ to continue the mission of the foundation.” 

Originally established under the will of Hulda B. Rothschild as The Hulda B. & Maurice L. Rothschild Foundation, it was led by Dr. Rob Mayer for 35 years.  The name was changed to honor Rob after his death last year. Maggie has no plans to change the foundation’s highly successful social venture philanthropy model, such as providing seed funding for the development of task forces working on potentially powerful and impactful new ideas to promote person-centered care and improving the lives of older adults. “Rob would look at a point in the system where there needs to be a change, bring together the best and brightest minds to identify what strategies need to be implemented to address the problem, then go forth and do that,” says Maggie.

For the past five years, the foundation has focused on codes, guidelines, regulations, and funding research that needed to be done in order to make recommendations to changes to ADA guidelines. “I was fortunate to have been the person who coordinated about half of those task forces” says Maggie.

Maggie will step down as Elliot Professor of Health Care Design at Kent State University, as well as her consulting firm, IDEAS Consulting, to take on her new role. “I wasn’t looking to change my position,” she says. “But when (Rob’s widow) Debra (Dr. Debra Weese-Mayer) came to me and asked if I’d consider doing this--it’s just so near and dear to my heart and I respected and loved Rob so much--that I’m happy to pick up where he left off and keep his footprints moving forward through the work of the foundation. It was just something I could not pass up.”

She adds that consumers have a powerful role to play in the continued improvement of environments and care for older adults. “We encourage you to talk with your local long-term care providers, and ask if and how they are adopting person-centered care practices,” she says.  “When they know consumers care about it, they will care about it as well.” 

If you want to support the continued work The Mayer-Rothschild Foundation in getting person-centered care practices more widely adopted, please consider making a contribution. Mail donations to Maggie Calkins, Executive Director, The Mayer-Rothschild Foundation, 8051 Chardon Rd, Kirtland OH 44094.

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