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Design Principles

SAGE holds these values related to gerontological environments:

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  • Physical safety and psychological security: Provide appropriate safe guards and enhance perception of security.
  • Environment as a therapeutic resource: Utilize all aspects of the environment (physical, programmatic and organizational) as a resource for healing and improved functioning.
  • Holism and well-being: Focus on needs and desires of the whole person social, emotional, spiritual and physical, vocational and intellectual.
  • Individual rights and personal autonomy: Maximize available choices, opportunities for self determination, and accessibility of options.
  • Communities and relationships: Generate opportunities for meaningful interactions and relationships among peers, families and staff.
  • Support of caregivers: Create an environment that promotes safety, efficiency, and emotional support.
  • Function enhancing technology: Harness new technology to increase functionality of the environment.
  • Creating and evaluating: Encourage innovation, diversity of approaches, experimentation with new solutions, and systematic evaluation of outcomes.

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