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Are you and the communities you serve implementing innovative and/or effective measures to keep residents and team members safe during these uncertain times?    Please share them with us by emailing with "COVID-19" in the subject line of your email. Resources from our members regarding environmental enhancements and ideas to participate in the Covid-19 response will be shared below and on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Five Ways Architects and Designers are Responding to COVID-19

We love the passion our members bring to their profession. LuAnn Thoma-Holec shared the following article about how architects and designers are responding to COVID-19, adding, "Interior design has always been my passion, it has never been a job, but rather my life. How wonderful to be in a profession that is not about "pretty" but rather about environments for wellness!"

See the Metropolis Magazine article here:

COVID-19 Guidance: ASHRAE

Jane Rohde shares COVID 19 GUIDANCE –  ASHRAE Rev 3-25-2020, a presentation in PowerPoint format that intends to provide possible guidance for air filtration in facilities. It includes some guidance on using HEPA filtration to avoid recirculation problems as well as basic facts about the spread of the virus. As you will see in the closing slide this is prepared by Michael Sheerin of TLC Engineering & the ASHRAE 170 team.  

AIA tool for assessing COVID-19 alternate care sites

Addie Abushousheh shares, "Ellen Taylor, Vice President of Research at The Center for Health Design, brought to my attention that she was a part of a special AIA task force was formed and has launched a tool for assessing alternative sites (other than hospitals) for COVID-19 care provision. The tool is intended to assist those who do not have a healthcare expertise to identify alternative sites suitable for patient care. It occurs to me that the information may have some relevance to long-term care settings should we see more instances similar to those that have arisen in North Carolina."

For the AIA press release, including links to the briefing and tool, visit:

The projects map can be found here:

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