Post Occupancy Evaluation Program

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The SAGE POE team paired up with Buckner Villas in Austin, Texas for a Post-occupancy Evaluation in conjunction with the 2016 Environments for Aging Expo and Conference. Learn more HERE. See the follow-up presentation HERE. SAGE members can have access to the 2016 POE White Paper in the Members Only section of this website. 

A primary mission of SAGE is to encourage and facilitate the creation of better environments for elders by educating others about the therapeutic value of the physical environment. An evaluation of a setting in use creates a natural platform for discussion and supports the educational focus of SAGE. These types of evaluations of buildings in use are often referred to as Post-Occupancy Evaluations (POE). Sharing these evaluations is an important way we can learn how to improve the built environment. These educational settings include design conferences and webinars.

Since 1999, SAGE has been leading this educational effort in many setting types including, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and hospice environments. The key to the SAGE Post Occupancy evaluation is the multi-disciplinary perspective that the review team brings to the process. A POE team typically consists of the following key experts who are members of SAGE:

  • Clinicians– Medical directors or directors of nursing 
  • Providers – Administration and staff
  • Consumers - Residents and family members
  • Architects – Involved in design for aging
  • Interior Designers – Involved in design for aging
  • Academic / Researchers – University based or independent
  • Speciality Consultants – Involved in design for aging issues
  • Regulators – Government officials responsible for the creation and enforcement health care codes and standards

SAGE design principles are the foundation for conducting the POE. The review committee also uses SAGE POE guideline that was created in conjunction with the Institute on Aging and Environment at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. This worksheet provides a loose framework for the evaluation. 

                         The Osborn; Rye, NY RLPS Architects / Larry Lefever Photography

Reviewers spend one day touring the environment, speaking to administrative staff, the direct care staff, the designer and the residents. The review team then assembles the presentation a few days before a conference session.

The presentation is not aimed at rating the project in comparison with others, like a design competition. The focus of the POE presentation involves multiple objectives including:

  • An identification of the successful outcomes that were achieved in light of the SAGE Design Principles and the owner’s goals and objectives.
  • A suggestion of the opportunities for improvement in the environment, again through the lens of the SAGE Design Principles.
  • A sharing of the “lessons learned” from the end users of the senior living environment.

The most recent SAGE POE was held at Buckner Villas in Austin, Texas. The findings of the POE at this household-based memory care community were presented at the 2016 Environments for Aging Conference.

If you would like a senior living environment in which you are involved to be considered for a SAGE POE or if you are interested in serving on a POE Review Team, please CONTACT US for more information.

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